France to withdraw military from Mali after nine years

France to withdraw military from Mali after nine years
  • French president, Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that France and its European partners will start the military withdrawal from Mali after more than nine years fighting a jihadist insurgency.
  • France first deployed troops against jihadists in Mali in 2013 under the Socialist president François Hollande. The decision has been taken due to a breakdown in France’s relations with the ruling junta government in the country.
  • The heart of this military operation will be shifted from Mali to Niger.

Points to remember: 

  1. Which country has announced its withdrawal from Mali after 9-10 years?= France
  2. France will shift its military base for the fight against jihadist insurgency from Mali to which place?= Niger

Source: The Guardian

Extra Info: 

  • Mali- Capital: Bamako; Currency: CFA Franc
  • Niger- Capital: Niamey; Currency: West African CFA franc

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