Government approves ‘New India Literacy Programme’ for Education of adults; Outlay- Rs.1037.90 crore

Government approves 'New India Literacy Programme' for Education of adults; Outlay- Rs.1037.90 crore
  • Ministry of Education has approved a new scheme named “New India Literacy Programme (नव भारत साक्षरता कार्यक्रम) for the period FYs 2022-2027 to cover all the aspects of Adult Education. 
  • The scheme aims to align Adult Education will all aspects of National Education Policy 2020 and Budget Announcements 2021-22. 
  • Outlay: The total outlay of “New India Literacy Programme” is Rs.1037.90 crore for the FYs 2022-27. (which includes Central share of Rs.700 crore and State share of Rs.337.90 crore respectively) 
  • Who will be covered: The scheme will cover non-literates of the age of 15 years and above in all state/UTs in the country. 
  • Government has now replaced the term “Adult Education (प्रौढ़ शिक्षा)” as ‘Education for All’ in the country.
  • Census data: As per Census 2011, the absolute number of non-literates of the country in 15 years and above age group is 25.76 crore (Male 9.08 crore, Female 16.68 crore).

Points to remember:

  1. Name of the scheme launched by Government for Adult eduction/Education of All in India?
  2. Minimum age to be covered under the New India Literacy Programme?
  3. New India Literacy Programme has been launched till how many years?- 2027
  4. Total outlay of New India Literacy Programme?= Rs 1037.90 crore
  5. The term Adult Education has been replaced by?- ‘Education for All’ 
  6. As per census 2011, what is the number of non-literates in India in age group of 15 years and above?= 25.76 crore

Source: PIB

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