Government sets up National Dam Safety Authority

Government sets up National Dam Safety Authority

  • The Parliament of India had passed the Dam Safety Act 2021 on December 8, 2021, which seeks to provide an institutional architecture for dam safety in the country.
  • Following this, the Central Government has established an Authority, which shall known as the National Dam Safety Authority, to discharge the powers and functions of the National Authority under the Dam Safety Act.
  • The Authority came into force with effect from February 18, 2022.
  • Key Functions of Authority: 
    • to maintain standards related to dam safety, prevent dam-related disasters as well as resolve inter-state issues in this regard.
    • to resolve any issue between the State Dam Safety Organisations of States or between a State Dam Safety Organisation and any owner of a specified dam in that state.
  • Administration: The authority will be headed by a chairman and assisted by five members to lead its five wings, which are policy and research, technical, regulation, disaster and resilience and administration and finance.
  • Headquarter: The headquarter of the Authority will be located in the national capital region, and have four regional offices.
  • Apart from this, government has also constituted up a 22-member National Committee on Dam Safety. This committee will be headed by the Chairman of the Central Water Commission. 

Points to Remember:

  1. The National Dam Safety Authority has been set up under which Act?
  2. The headquarter of National Dam Safety Authority will be in which place?
  3. How many departments have been specified for the National Dam Safety Authority? 5

Source: The Hindu; Financial Express

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