NABARD launches JIVA Programme to promote natural farming

NABARD launches JIVA Programme to promote natural farming

  • The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has launched an agroecology-based programme called ‘JIVA’ (meaning life) to promote natural farming, ensure sustainability and rejuvenate ‘life’ around agricultural field.
  • The JIVA programme has been launched under its existing watershed and wadi programmes.
  • Objective: The aim of this initiative is to ensure that soil is enriched, microbial activity in the soils is maintained well, and the farmers are practising proper agricultural practices so that no more harm can be done to the soil or nature.
  • NABARD will invest Rs 50,000 per hectare under this programme.
  • The programme will be implemented on the existing completed (or near completed) projects of watersheds and wadis programme in 11 states covering five agroecological zones, which are in ecologically fragile and rain-fed areas.
  • Initially, JIVA will be implemented on a pilot basis in 25 project across 11 states.

Points to Remember:

  1. JIVA programme is launched by which organisation?

Source: The Times of India

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