Watch Live : ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Watch Live : ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-3 Mission

  • India is all set to launch its third mission to the moon, named “Chandrayaan-3”, on July 14, 2023, at 2:35 pm.
  • If the lander and rover is successfully launched, India will become the fourth country, after the United States, Russia, and China, to achieve the feat.
  • Chandrayaan-3 will be launched from Satish Dhawan space centre of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
  • It will fly to space aboard the medium-lift Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM3) rocket.
  • The mission and launch are managed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and is being led by Ritu Karidhal Srivastava, famously known as India’s ‘rocket woman’.
  • This mission is a follow-up to the 2019 Chandrayaan-2 mission, which failed partially as its lander and rover couldn’t execute a soft-landing on the Moon.
  • The three main objectives of Chandrayaan-3 are:
    • to land safely on the surface,
    • to demonstrate rover operations and
    • to perform scientific experiments on site

Watch Live Chandrayaan-3 launch

You can watch ISRO’s moon mission launch live in the YouTube link given below:

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